“THE VEIL”– We’re making a feature film!

As the creator of THE DIRECTORS SERIES, it’s been one of the great joys of my career bringing you a long-form documentary and text essay series about cinema’s most influential filmmakers. Now, I’ve written and am about to direct an original feature film of my own, and I need your help more than ever!

Follow, chip in, & learn more about the film by visiting our campaign on Seed & Spark: www.seedandspark.com/fund/the-veil

Standing astride the convergence of the horror and science fiction genres, THE VEIL is an ambitious microbudget feature that explores the mysteries of time while offering a twist on the classic American ghost story. FilmFrontier is launching a campaign to raise production funds on Seed & Spark, the #1 crowdfunding platform for the indie film community.

THE VEIL is the opening salvo in a larger effort to build a sustainable and equitable ecosystem for emerging filmmakers who dare to tell the story that Hollywood won’t. In order to realize that dream, we need your support! Please watch the campaign video embedded above to learn more about the film as well as our unique production approach.

If you’re interested in supporting us, then please consider making a contribution via Seed & Spark. In return, we’re offering a variety of awesome and unique rewards and perks ranging from social media shout outs, to invitations to participate in test screenings and even Executive Producer credits in the finished film.

If you love independent film (and I’m pretty sure you do if you read this site regularly), then join me on this exciting new adventure!


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